Written by Peter Simcoe. Available from Amazon at http://mybook.to/360video . 
360 Video Handbook Project Page Example

Sample page from Section 1 of the book where examples of 360-degree videos are provided in visual and written summary.

360 Video Handbook "One More Chance" Video Project Page Example

This section covers the "One More Chance" video production in detail. See the video at https://bit.ly/3d-omc-youtube.

From the Author
“360 Video Handbook is really a milestone for me, not only as a 360 video producer, but also as a graphic designer, traditional video producer, photographer and musician. The experiments with Vuze and other 360 cameras over the last 2 years, combined with 23 years experience of creating traditional video, photography and design led me to believe I have something to contribute to the 360 community.

This book contains the personal wish-list of project examples, frequently asked questions and the technical knowledge I would have wanted to know when I began my 360 video journey and as a result is a document containing the experience, advice and inspiration. It is also the coffee table book I always wanted to write – something easily accessible in different ways, from quick inspirational photo galleries through to detailed discussion and case studies. I aimed to create a visually stimulating book with intrinsic design value combined with solid technical considerations and hopefully you will enjoy reading it.”

 – Peter Simcoe, Author of 360 Video Handbook

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